In a strong culture, people work together to achieve the organisation's goals, have a good time, and achieve their own goals. People have strong mutual positive relationships and trust. They are ready to act on the organisation's strategy.

I work with you to assess your current culture, the culture that would best align with your strategy, and the steps to get there. I facilitate small steps to build sustainable change so that people get more done and having more fun. More culture…


A strategy is an action plan with a rationale. It shows how each action leads to results that are used in further actions. With a well-articulated strategy you can test your assumptions and get evidence to justify investing in them.

I clarify strategies so that everyone can clearly see what they are, how they work, who benefits and how. That enables you to validate and iterate your ideas until you and your stakeholders are confident they are worth acting on. More strategy…


Your organisation's future depends on its ability to use data to engage with its stakeholders, and constantly improve what it does. It is going to have to deliver, fail, learn, and iterate faster.

I work with people across the technical spectrum to build better relationships and strategy around digital technology, and to foster digital-age approaches in your organisation. More digital…


"I learned things that were immediately useful… Straight away, I saw an upswing in performance, with staff members going the extra mile without being asked." Karen Clarke, Karen Clarke Consulting.

"Within a week afterwards, I’d changed a lot about how I manage and delegate to people. Now I trust myself more to be a manager and I trust them to be delegated to. So that when I push something their way they will deal with it and follow right through." Galen King, Founder, Lucid Design.

"Dan was instrumental in designing the interactive aspect of the day that helped to deliver a key outcome and make the overall day a success. Dan's wrangling was invaluable and he was, as always, a delight to work with." Jason Ryan, Strategy and Relations Manager, Catalyst IT.

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Mapping the uses and benefits of open data

It is easy to find claims that open data can change the world. It is a lot harder to find out exactly how that happens. We have examples of open data used in ways that lead to benefits for citizens. Growing more of those in a society-wide trend faces many challenges. Building momentum for the release and use of […]

Strategy needs clarity and consensus to give you confidence

A strategy is an action plan with a rationale. People can use a strategy to coordinate their actions to achieve results that lead to benefits for themselves and others. You can use a strategy to make investment decisions, if you trust it. A strategy is only useful if you have confidence in it. You can […]

A customer-centric approach to founder-alignment

One of the main causes of  team failure is team members with misaligned goals. If the co-founders or team members want similar things, they will pull in a similar direction. If their goals are misaligned, they won’t. The longer it takes to discover conflicting vision and motivation among team members, the more painful the breakup […]

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