Culture and strategy go hand-in-hand.

I work with leaders to develop culture and strategy, particularly around digital technology.

I am experienced View Dan Randow's LinkedIn profilein business, central and local government, and NGOs.


People contribute their best in a culture that is aligned with the strategy.

I work with leaders to develop the culture in their organisation to be more aligned with the strategy. When culture is aligned with strategy, people are more likely to work together to achieve the goals of the organisation.

I can help you with:

  • Aligning culture and strategy – Assessing current and desired culture in relation to strategy. Planning and implementing interventions to develop culture step by step towards alignment with strategy. Planning for and responding to restructuring.
  • Team developmentTeam development workshops on motivation and vision, team design and constructive communication. Dialogues to build working relationships. Community of practice development. Customer-relations improvement.
  • Workshops, conferences and off-sites – Planning and facilitating engaging events that achieve results for the organisation and participants. Engaging diverse stakeholder groups in new initiatives.

My practical, evidence-based approach helps people to build trust and develop collaboration culture, in small sustainable steps. I am a senior trainee in Sociometry and an Associate Member of the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (Code of Ethics).

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You can only have confidence in a strategy if it is clearly articulated.

I map strategies so that validated links connect each action and its consequence, ultimately leading to benefits for all stakeholders. When a strategy is clearly articulated and validated, people are able to play their part in implementing it.

I can help you with:

  • Mapping strategies – Creating unambiguous maps of an organisation’s strategy, linking high level strategy with the work people do to contribute to it.
  • Validating strategies – Testing the strength of the linkages between each action in a strategy and its intended consequence.
  • Developing strategies – Engaging diverse (or even divergent) stakeholders in developing new strategies that can be demonstrated to lead to benefits for them.

I am a certified Validating Strategies practitioner.

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Building digital capability is no longer optional.

I work with leaders and teams to respond to the opportunities and challenges of digital technologies. Being digital doesn’t mean having less focus on people, it means having more.

I can help you with:

  • Geek-wrangling – Developing culture and strategy in technical environments.
  • Shared data – Facilitating projects to create value using shared data both within and between organisations. Assessing and developing data management maturity.
  • Evidence-based iterative innovation – Facilitating digital-era approaches like agile, lean startup and devops.

I’ve worked in ICT for 30 years, always with a slant towards people.

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