Bring out powerful stories with jumpstart storytelling

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Shared stories lift people’s enthusiasm, motivation and capability for their shared purpose. Jumpstart storytelling is a simple but effective way to bring out the most powerful stories in a group. I have used jumpstart storytelling in groups focused on improving the public service, exploring Internet issues and to review learnings from other sessions. I will explain […]

Creating constructive relationships between cultural subgroups

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Innovation thrives on creative tension, but conflict can equally destroy productivity and make life miserable. The different perspectives that people bring to a problem often stem from a culture long-established in their organisation or specialist community. Tensions can arise across different ways of seeing the World. Here are some practical ideas for maintaining constructive relationships between groups […]

Collaboration is voluntary

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Perhaps you know the old joke: How many social workers does it take to change a lightbulb? One, but only if the lightbulb wants to change. People often ask me how I make people collaborate. I can’t, of course. And neither can you or anyone else. People collaborate when they want to, when they feel […]