Team development workshops

When teams work well, people get more done and have more fun. These workshops generate trust, skills and data that leaders and team members can use to develop the team.

I tailor each workshop to be enlivening and relevant for your particular community, team, leadership or co-founder team.

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Motivation and vision

  • Problem: False assumptions about the motivation and vision of team members can cause team failure at critical moments.
  • Topic: The team in its context. The motivation, goals and vision of each team member.
  • Result: Team members have clear, documented data about their own  motivation and the motivation of their team-mates.
  • Use: Make plans that meet the needs of all team members. Work together effectively in critical moments.

Team design

  • Problem: Teams are vulnerable to false assumptions about team roles, relationships and abilities.
  • Topic: The roles needed for the team to function in its context. Each role’s responsibilities and relationships with other roles. Team members’ abilities.
  • Result: Team members have clear, documented data about the roles needed and the abilities of the team members.
  • Use: Design new arrangements about who does what in the team.

Constructive communication

  • Problem: Trust is important, easy to break and difficult to build.
  • Topic: Listening so the other person knows you got them. Representing yourself without blame. Communication between occupational groups. Managing conflict.
  • Result: Team members have greater ability to talk through difficult issues in a calm and respectful way.
  • Use: Resolve difficult issues so that work is more productive and enjoyable.