Assess your organisation’s culture and strategy

For an organisation to reach its full potential, its culture and strategy need to be aligned. The first step in a process to develop culture or strategy is to understand your starting point.

Here is a template you can use to make a quick assessment of how culture and strategy are developing now.


Click on this image for a PDF version of the template.
Click on this image for a PDF version of the template.

Strategy tells people what do and why. Culture determines how people act on the strategy. Whichever is the least developed determines what people get done and the experience they have working together. It is important to figure out whether culture or strategy is the least developed and work on developing that.

Use this template to make a quick assessment of the past, current and likely next state of culture and strategy in an organisation. It is not for a detailed or carefully measured assessment but it will give you some revealing insights.

Choose dates for P and N that make sense to you.

Think about why you placed the P, C and N where you placed them.

For further insight, ask some other people to make an assessment using the same template.

If you’d like to work through an assessment with me, let’s do coffee.